ACS580-01, wall-mounted Type 4X IP66 drives

Introducing the ACx580 4X variable frequency drive (VFD), a new addition to ABB’s all-compatible drive portfolio that is designed for operation in wet, washdown, and outdoor environments. This fully sealed VFD is providing protection against external element environments in the HVACR, Water & Wastewater industries, as well as extreme hot or cold temperature in most demanding industrial applications. The NSF/ANSI 169 certification allow it to be installed in Food and Beverage production area where water and cleaning agents are used. Certification to UL Type 4X (NEMA 4X and IP66 rating) ensures protection against rain, cold, snow, salt spray, and dust as well as corrosion due to caustic chemicals, gases, and damage from the formation of exterior ice, high levels of humidity or UV radiation. 

ACS580-01 UL Type 4X/IP66 is the drive to use for locations close to the action where things get messy. The drive housing protects against water and other liquids, is resistant to weather like sun, rain, ice and snow, and resistant to a variety of common chemicals and salt spray. All this, coupled with easy installation and commissioning makes this the ideal drive for extreme environments.

The ACS580-01 UL Type 4X / IP66 drive with air-over cooling is indoor/outdoor rated and is fully sealed against hose-directed spray. It is corrosion-resistant and UV resistant (to the same standard as a stainless-steel enclosure).


The best choice for a variety of locations

Food and beverage

  • NSF 169 certified for splash zones where washdown is common
  • Refrigeration down to -15 °C
  • Cattle, hog and poultry barns
  • Pump carts for brewers and distillers

Irrigation for greenhouses and aquaculture

Dewatering, agriculture and turf management


Optional Built-in Disconnect
The drive can optionally include an input disconnect and fuses to reduce cost and simplify installation. The UL98 disconnect is more robust, eliminating the need for branch circuit fuses while maintaining 100 kA SCCR.