ABB Terra fast chargers: The most deployed DC fast chargers in the world.

Electric vehicles and their uses have diversified to a great extent in recent years. High voltage DC charging has become crucial to improve charging power, thus ensuring the most efficiency, safety, and usability is achieved. Traditional passenger vehicle battery packs are usually designed for 400 VDC charging, so many standard charging systems do not exceed 500 VDC capability. However, some newer vehicles may have battery packs that exceed 400 VDC, often in the 600 to 800 VDC range.

ABB's Terra 94, Terra 124, and Terra 184 chargers are designed to meet EV battery voltage capabilities up to 920V to deliver charging services across a wider range of today’s and tomorrow’s EVs

ABB EV Infrastructure services

Operational excellence
Charging infrastructure must be the best for the highest efficiency and lowest downtime. ABB’s remote and real-time services meet the demand, incorporating a decade of experience with thousands of intelligent fast chargers deployed across the globe.

ABB's Terra family of all-in-one chargers are the easiest chargers in the market to service, with high uptime due to its innovative modularity, round-the-clock connectivity, and experience-led design.

  • OCPP Integration
  • Standardized online training
  • High voltage charging capabilities
  • Fast charging station
  • Compact footprint
  • 24/7/365 Connectivity
  • All-weather powder coated stainless steel enclosure

Terra 54/94/124/184 C


Single outlet CCS with cable
management system

Terra 54/94/124/184 CC


Dual outlet CCS with cable
management system

Terra 54/94/124/184 CJ

Dual outlet CCS and CHAdeMO with cable management system and credit card reader