ABB´s Tmax XT circuit-breakers 

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ABB's new Tmax XT series of Molded Case circuit-breakers, combine the finest protection that has always characterized ABB’s molded case circuit breakers with the most precise metering and connectivity functionalities, providing designers, installers and end-users exclusive solutions for their daily needs.

Suitable for applications from 160 A to 1,600 A, the Tmax XT offers exceptional breaking capacity for all voltages and applications. Combined with high-precision electronic relays of the smallest sizes, the new series protects equipment investments and ensures uninterrupted operation and high availability.

All sizes have the same logic, the same range of functions and the same intuitive operating display. This results in considerable time savings when installing and reduces installation errors. The simplified installation and commissioning, with settings that can be made via Bluetooth and Ekip communication modules from mobile devices, can reduce the time required by around 30 percent.


Double insulation

The Tmax XT circuit-breaker has double insulation between the live power parts (excluding the terminals) and the front parts of the apparatus where the operator works during normal operation. The mounting location of each electrical accessory is completely segregated from the power circuit, preventing any risk of contact with live parts. The operating mechanism especially is completely insulated from the energized circuits.

Positive operation

The operating lever always indicates the precise position of the moving contacts of the circuitbreaker, thereby guaranteeing safe and reliable signals, in compliance with IEC 60073 and IEC 60417 Standards (I = Closed; O = Open; yellow-green line = open due to protection trip).

Insulation behaviour

In the open position, the circuit-breaker guarantees insulation distances in compliance with the UL489 Standard, thus preventing leakage currents to flow between the input and output terminals.


Circuit-breakers and accessories in the Tmax XT series are tested in compliance with the IEC 60068-2-30 Standard. The suitability of the Tmax XT series under the most severe environmental conditions is further ensured with hot-humid climate according to climatograph 8 in the IEC 60721-2-1 Standards.