Panduit Cable Entry Systems

Using Cable Entry Systems, you can increase productivity and stay organised.

Panduit's Cable Entry Systems provide a safe, orderly way to move both terminated and unterminated wires into enclosures and electrical equipment, offering strain relief while maintaining IP/NEMA ingress sealing standards.

When compared to standard cable glands or cord grips, Panduit's Cable Entry Systems offer the lowest total installed cost, simplifying installation and managing numerous cables in a highly crowded environment.

The high-density hole layouts save up to 80% of available space and installation time, which is crucial for machine applications that require multiple connections but have limited equipment space. Future cabling movements, additions, and alterations are made possible by the extra hole locations in the same thick architecture.

While most cable glands and cord grips can only handle unterminated wires, the Panduit system can handle both unterminated and terminated cables, resulting in greater installation productivity.