Fluke Power Quality Analyzers- 1770 series

The all new Fluke 1770 series Power Quality Analyzer is the faster and easier way to perform power quality studes!

The new Fluke 1770 series consists of three phase power quality analyzers that are simple for functions like troubleshooting, quality logging and to perform analysis. This is the faster and easier way to perform power quality studies. With an easy, effortless user interface and setup, top-class specifications, and a simplified robust reporting platform the 1770 series offers automatic measurements. The instrument offers the facility to be powered directly with the measurement circuits eliminating the need for a power outlet. 

  • Fast transients upto 8kV
  • Harmonics upto 30 kHz
  • Automatically detects errors in voltage and current wiring, providing correction without the need to rewire
  • Capacitive touchscreen allows use with PPE and double gloved hands
  • Automatically evaluates power quality inputs against the EN 50160 electrical standard
  • Provides detailed troubleshooting for power quality problem areas