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ABB ReliaGear® smart power distribution
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ABB ReliaGear® smart power distribution

Smart Design. Smart Technology

Whether you require basic power protection for your project or monitoring and control are required in automation, ABB ReliaGear™ products provide the flexibility & high-performing solutions to customize your needs. ABB ReliaGear smart power distribution products are easy to install, monitor, and maintain. Cutting-edge solutions involving smart technology simplify any system to be flexible, efficient, and durable in the long run, thus ensuring protection, monitoring, and control for the products.

Easy Installation

Smart design featuring single-tool simplicity
enables easy, fast component installation or replacement in the field and provides flexibility with circuit breakers & easy installation.

Reduced Cost

Single installer assembly design and field reversible bus stacks help increase productivity with lower installation and
maintenance costs.


Simple breaker selection and installation
with thermal-magnetic trip units and plug-in accessories, combined with five simple circuit breaker frames cover all amperages and install in seconds.

Increased safety

ABB power distribution products offer
smart design to simplify installation
and maintenance and promote a safer
work environment.