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Rittal's Four Seasons Climate Control Solutions
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Rittal's 4 seasons climate control focussed products!

The manufacturing industries across different parts of the world are facing unique requirements and roadblocks like increasing efficiency, simplicity, material costs, transportation delays and low stock. To add to that, there is a greater need to increase productivity & efficiency and to reduce the carbon footprint, centering on climate solutions that directly impact the complex of the industries. It is, therefore, necessary to engage with a trustworthy partner like House of Electrical Supplies to address the climate control needs of your industry. We will help you to find optimal enclosure climate control solutions that not only lower energy costs but will also provide customized and tailored solutions for your needs! We have you covered for all the enclosure requirements!

Climate Control Solutions like enclosure air conditioners, fans, chillers and heaters are vital all year round, to keep equipment in your enclosures functioning perfectly.

Winter Climate Solutions

Industrial enclosures are placed in outdoor environments in harsh weather and the necessity for adequate heating inside the enclosures becomes crucial to protect the electronic components. Targeted enclosure heating with appropriate thermal output while making sure the energy efficiency is uncompromised is a desirable output every industry needs. Winter solutions from Rittal are used in a variety of applications where durability and longevity are crucial.

Spring Fans

Filter fans are an obvious choice for their effectiveness, simplicity, ease of use and installation, and ideal initial installation as well asoperating costs. Rittal’s filter fans are NEMA 12 out of the box, and NEMA 3R/4/4X with the rain hood. A filter fan cooling provides valuable return on investment and is an important value proposition for system engineers whose industrial enclosure architecture matches perfectly with the kind of cooling filter fans provide.

Summer Climate Solutions

When the heat is at its peak in summer, Rittal's cooling units offer high level of protection. Rittal’s Blue e, Wall-Mounted, UL Listed, Type 3R/4 air conditioning units are an excellent for indoor or outdoor enclosures . Rittal’s solutions are ideal for applications where space and durability important. For food and beverage producers, Rittal’s Hygienic design enclosures help maintain process efficiency and reliability.

Autumn Heat Exchangers

Rittal’s air-to-air and air-to-water heat exchangers are ideal for deployment in harsh indoor or outdoor environments. Created for a variety of mounting options, Rittal's heat exchangers are fully equipped with controller and digital temperature control and display for precision in both cooling output and overall performance within a climate system.