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Rittal-Cargill Maintain Process Reliability
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Rittal's climate control & industrial enclosure solutions are designed specifically for food & beverage producers for maximum efficiency and highest quality.

Cargill, Inc. has two production plants in Zaandam and Wormer where cocoa beans are processed into cocoa butter and cocoa powder with 155,000 employees approximately across 70 different countries. Food & Beverage production facilities must maintain strict hygiene and consistent taste, color, and melting temperatures to deliver the highest quality of the product. Rittal’s range of products & solutions helps achieve this ideal environment for the best quality of cocoa bean and cocoa products for use worldwide.

Temperature control during grinding stage

The most important part of cocoa processing is the grinding stage. This involves the use of massive and powerful motors that drive these grinders and different groups of motors by a frequency converter which is controlled by the PLC. This leads to waste emission which needs to be cooled from time to time and ensure the temperature is maintained. The temperatures during this process can reach up to 45 °C. This requires consistent and precise cooling and maintenance of ambient temperature and to achieve this Cargill’s Zaandam plant relies on over fifty units of Blue e+ cooling units.

Optimum maintenance for maximum reliability

The requirement for reliable and powerful climate control solutions prompted Cargill to sign a contract with Rittal for maintenance and precision in delivering reliable and efficient cooling solutions. Additional cooling units were installed in Cargill’s production sequence to address this need. In sync with digital Life Cycle Maintenance (LCM), Rittal maintains all the cooling units, and timely replacements, repairs, and services are provided by the Rittal Service Team. This service is in adherence to the service agreement with Cargill.

Additionally, all the cooling parts that need frequent replacements are overhauled by Rittal to ensure optimum maintenance and maximum reliability is achieved. They ensure to stock the ready-to-use cooling units consistently to always meet the requirements for sudden replacement.

“Rittal’s service technicians not only know the Rittal products inside out, but they are also well informed about the applicable safety regulations,” says John Deijle, Work Preparation, Cargill Nederland. “The combination of Rittal products and service makes a valuable contribution to process reliability.”

A high level of energy efficiency is achieved because of the high level of maintenance and consistency in service. The Rittal service team conducts regular assessments with their industry experts to ensure that cooling units are replaced on time and coolants are disposed of whenever required, with the necessary documentation.

“Rittal’s service technicians not only know the Rittal products inside out, but they are also well informed about the applicable safety regulations,”
John Deijle, Work Preparation at Cargill Nederland

Hygienic Design Wall-mount Enclosures

The wall mount enclosures are made of stainless and carbon steel with an IP69k rating with a 30 ° forward slope-top providing maximum durability and optimum protection to the electrical components. The terminal boxes and junction boxes have easy-to-clean lock systems and replaceable silicon gaskets to withstand corrosive detergents, high water pressure, and high temperature of the water. It can withstand repeated washdowns without any compromise on hygiene. Rittal’s hygienic design fittings and cable glands are made for easy cleaning. Rittal enclosures with a hygienic design have silicon gaskets to eliminate the gap between the enclosure body and the door.

Optimizing plant processes from start to end and maximizing the safety and efficiency of a production plant is key to meeting industry standards and seizing opportunities for growth and profitability.