Pluto Safety PLC

A compact, powerful and user-friendly safety PLC.

Pluto is a low-cost, powerful, and compact safety PLC designed for all machine safety applications. Most safety devices on the market can be directly connected to Pluto, and several safety sensors can be connected to a single input while maintaining the highest level of safety. Pluto Manager, the accompanying software, makes programming simple.

Pluto is available in a variety of configurations, including simple models for smaller systems and variants with bus communication for larger systems. Some of our Pluto models have been optimised for AS-i. Models with analogue inputs are also available.


The Main Advantages:

  • Programming is simple while remaining powerful.
  • Removes the requirement for an additional module, such as one for speed monitoring.
  • Up to 32 Pluto can share data without any additional scripting.
  • The safe bus streamlines cabinet connections in compliance with the PL e/SIL3
  • AS-i models simplify connection
  • Extensive connectivity capabilities with HMIs and PLCs
    The primary characteristics


Pluto Accessories

DYNlink Solution

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