Rittal Climate Control Solutions

Air Conditioners/ Thermoelectric Coolers
With cooling units, the temperature inside the enclosure is kept at a constant level independent of the ambient temperature. The air flow meets individual requirements. Due to two separate circuits, no dust penetrates into the enclosure.


IT Cooling Solutions

Climate control concepts from Rittal cover the full spectrum of applications, from cooling a single rack through to entire data centers. In this case, the focus is on safety and efficiency.

Through the use of the Blue e+ technology, the bundle is ideally suited to the requirements for energy-efficient cooling of IT racks. In combination with the IoT interfaces, its supports communication to various systems as well as monitoring and energy management.

Liquid Cooling Packages
CW LCP: Extremely high heat loads are dissipated from IT racks via air/water heat exchangers. DX LCP: Ideal for cooling of small and medium-sized IT applications.