SAFESERIES Contact Extension


Relay modules with positively driven contacts are used for functional safety. The SAFESERIES Contact Extension uses relays with forcibly guided contacts in accordance with EN 61810-3 Type A. This makes it predestined for signal monitoring in applications for the protection of people and machinery. The SAFESERIES Contact Extension ensures safe feedback to the control level. It consists of 4 different pluggable relays with matching screw sockets in the contact version 2 NO + 2 NC, 3 NO + 1 NC, 4 NO + 2 NC, and 3 NO + 3 NC. When the application is designed according to EN/ISO 13849-1, a performance level of PL "e" can be achieved. The basic component is also suitable for safety applications according to IEC/EN 62061 in order to achieve a safety integrity level of SIL3.

Weidmüller Forced Guided Relays

Relay modules with forcibly guided contacts utilize IEC 61810-1 elementary relays and an IEC 61810-3 contact set. It is challenging, if not impossible, to distinguish from standard relays from the outside.

Due to their design, forcibly guided contacts can reliably identify an opening failure. When compared to conventional contacts, relays with such contacts have the following additional characteristics:

  • Forcibly guided NC and NO contacts are engineered so that they cannot be closed simultaneously.
  • If a forcibly guided contact set contact is welded, the antivalent contacts cannot shut and the contact opening must be greater than 0.5mm.
    Since the contacts are housed in contact chambers, they are specifically protected from other contacts and the coil.
  • Given these requirements, the design and production effort for relays with positively driven contacts is significantly increased.

All contacts in type A relays are mechanically positively driven with each other and can be found in SAFESERIES Contact Extension.

In a type B relay, not all contact of a contact set are positively driven with each other and can be found in TERMSERIES FG and RIDERSERIES FG