Weidmuller Products

Weidmuller is known as a leader in providing solutions for energy management, power, automation, manufacturing, electric mobility, workplace & industrial IoT. House of Electrical supplies is an authorized distributor of Weidmuller products with over 3000 SKU’s in stock. We stock wiring & cable, automation, distribution & Transformers, terminal blocks, power supply and, circuit protection products.

Our expert technical support, fast & flexible shipping options, convenient eCommerce platform, and easy access to pricing and updated inventory ensure a smooth online experience to stock your Weidmuller essentials!

The products include:

  • Connectivity - Terminal blocks, connectors, cable entry systems & Components
  • Electronics - Relay modules & solid state relays, power supply & circuit protection
  • Automation & Software - Controls, measuring & monitoring systems
  • Workplace & Accessories - Tools, markers & software


Weidmuller products offer reliable and efficient connectivity solutions with products such as Klippon® Connect terminal blocks, connectors, Cable Entry Plates IP54 and IP66 & distribution boxes.

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Weidmuller products offer Pluggable relay modules, reliable automation solutions & surge protection devices for increased reliability and protection against overvoltage.

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Automation & Software

Measuring and monitoring systems, controls, Industrial Ethernet switches complying with the IEC 61850-3 standard, making them robust for operation in harsh environments.

Workplace & Accessories

Professional tools for optimized processes, printing solutions, wire strippers and cable slitters