Single-phase UL UPS for critical applications from 1 - 10 kVA


Frequency conversion
Operating as a frequency converter, the PowerValue 11 RT G2 not only converts the power supply frequency (50 Hz to/ from 60Hz) but it also protects the load from power disturbances and guarantees additional battery power in case
of mains failure.
The operation and installation is simple and implies correctly wiring the UPS and selecting the frequency conversion mode in the LCD display.

  • Input frequency range: 40-70Hz
  • Output frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
  • Output de-rating: - 1-3kVA: 70%


Cold start
The PowerValue 11 RT G2 can be started without being connected to the mains power supply (start up from the batteries).
This feature is especially useful in the following situations:

  • To start up and operate the unit, even throughout a power outage.
  • To help identify, during an unsuccessful system startup, if the malfunction is on the power supply, e.g. if the UPS starts-up on the battery and does not transfer to the online or the bypass mode, it is most probable that there is a mains failure.


Automatic load start-up
After a power outage, the UPS transfers to the battery. If the batteries are completely discharged and the system shuts down, with the automatic load start-up feature, the UPS will restart automatically once the mains power is recovered.

Emergency power off (EPO)
When activating the emergency UPS power off control, the AC and the DC sources to the load are entirely disconnected.
Operation: To recover the UPS’s normal status, the EPO connector has to be set back to its original configuration (Normally closed through a jumper in the UPS rear panel). Following this, the EPO status has to be cleared through the LCD menu and the UPS will recover its operation in the bypass mode. To transfer the UPS to the inverter mode, the selection has to be made through the LCD display.


Wide input voltage and frequency range
With higher input tolerances, the UPS works longer on a bypass or normal mode. This helps to reduce the consumption of the batteries when there are small variations in the power supply.


Generator compatibility
Generator power is often routed through the UPS to supply power to the load during long power outages.
The UPS acts as a power link that keeps critical systems operational until the generator synchronizes with the UPS and picks up the load. With the PowerValue 11 RT G2, the power of the generator should be dimensioned 1.3 times the UPS rated power.


Increasing the runtime
Battery modules are available to increase the system runtime.
The cables for connecting the battery modules to the UPS are integrated into the units and these can be easily plugged together to increase the system’s runtime. To connect several battery modules to a UPS, the battery modules should firstly be connected. Only after this procedure is done, should the battery modules be connected to the UPS. A Max 6A battery charger is available if the battery modules are connected.


Programmable output sockets
There are two kinds of outputs: programmable outlets and general outlets. Please connect non-critical devices to the programmable outlets and crticital devices to the general outlets. During power failure, you may extend the backup time to critical devices by setting a shorter backup time for non-critical devices.

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