For an acceleration of your wiring processes

Simply insert the conductor into the connection point - „Click“ and the reliable connection is ready. The conductor is contacted in the clamping point with a clear „click“. The triggered clamping point is additionally signaled visually by an increased pusher. Klippon® Connect terminal blocks with SNAP IN technology revolutionize the wiring of control cabinets with their their intuitive and simple handling. The pre-loaded clamping point allows direct and tool-free wiring of solid and flexible conductors even without ferrules. The reduction of wire preparation speeds up your wiring times and leads to a more efficient installation process.


  • Material-saving wiring without tools and time-consuming crimping of wire-end ferrules.
  • Thanks to the preloaded spring, SNAP IN can be connected as quickly as a snap of the fingers
  • Security you can hear! A noticeable "click" noise signals a secure connection.
  • With the innovative SNAP IN connection, fully automated wiring processes can become a reality.